Alexander Fiscalini: TuneOut Are Producing World-Class Warming Eye Masks

Alexander Fiscalini | TuneOut Ltd.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi there, I’m Alex. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Japan and Canada, I always had a passion for creation as my parents worked in the barn converted into a studio working on commissioned stained glass windows for churches and schools and mosaics for institutions.

As we moved to different countries with polar opposite cultures and languages I developed a love for understanding. I’m always working on something new and love to see the reactions from the work created. I am thankful for the rare opportunity to be exposed to such diversity from such a young age.

What do you think is the single biggest misconception people have when it comes to startups?

I think people believe startups need to be based on a fresh new idea ahead of their time and must be in tune with what’s “in”.

If you could go back in time to any moment from your journey, and give yourself one tip, what would it be?

Don’t spend so much money on marketing and getting the word out. Spend your budget on building the mechanics of your business and let the press come to you.

What makes you stand out as an entrepreneur?

I’d say what makes me stand out as an entrepreneur is that I don’t consider myself as one. Or as a CEO, or a founder either. It’s about having an idea, running with it, and not being distracted by politics. Until the company reaches 5m in revenue all politics should be placed in a neat little box and left outside the door for later.

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What are some of the best working habits you’ve gained over the past couple of years?

The best working habits are to be completely self-motivated, learn to know what you’re feeling on a personal level, and be self-sufficient in your needs from material possessions and also people’s time. Life/work balance is super important and also to keep yourself in check reminding yourself every day the first thing in the morning why you are doing what you are doing.

Give us a bit of an insight into the influences behind the company?

COVID-19 hit hard in April of 2020, and the amount of time we spend on screens due to work from home scenarios caused a lot of frustration as prolonged exposure to screens causes irritability and stress, and people who weren’t used to self-managing their time at work were working way too long for their own good.

We need to take a break from our screens but how do we get that message out?

Where do you see your business in five years?

In many stores and clinics where people can benefit from the product. We already are with a Optometry-focused buyers group, and we are looking to expand to other buyer groups.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be for you in getting there?

The biggest challenge will be to convince the buyers that the product is worth its weight. The product is not a new idea and needs the right avenues to reach the minds of people.

Talk to us about your biggest success story so far?

Joining the buyer’s group is our biggest accomplishment. With 100 Clinics nationwide, we’re getting exposure to important people who have the power to bring the product to their customer’s attention. With over 1,000 reviews and testimonials, we’re waiting to see what the purchasing power will be of the buyer’s group in 2022.

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How do clients and customers find you? Are you much of a salesperson for yourself?

I will meet clients face to face one on one to introduce them to the product. This is a friendly process. The majority of sales come from reviews. Customers are more likely to purchase if they see real testimonials.

What one tip would you give to fellow startup founders?

Quality over quantity. Take your time and do things right the first time.

And finally, what do you hope the future brings both you personally, and your business?

Success. Lots and lots and lots of it.

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