Alexandre Campos: Novameat Is Making Plant-Based Beef Steaks, Pork Sirloins, Chicken Breasts


Novameat has developed the technology to bring to market the most incredible plant-based meat whole-cuts, such as beef steaks, pork sirloins, chicken breasts. We believe that by unlocking more and better food options to address consumers’ demand, we can help accelerate the switch to a sustainable global food industry and tackle the climate and biodiversity loss challenges.

Q: Tell us about yourself?

I have started my career in financial markets, spent more than 8 years in strategy consulting, and graduated from IESE, one of the top 10 global business schools and top 3 in Europe. I have a finance, strategy and general management background and I joined Novameat in 2020 to support Giuseppe Scionti, CEO and Founder, to build the fundamentals of the company and accelerate its growth. I have always been interested in the food and CPG industries, and personally I really believe that plant-based diets are the best for human health, animals and the environment

Q: What is the inspiration behind your business?

We are a company born from the desire to fight against humankind’s most pressing challenges: the global climate crisis and biodiversity collapse. We develop solutions that contribute to the environment, to the regeneration of our planet’s biodiversity and to animal and human wellbeing

Q: What is your magic sauce?

We have developed a technology capable of mimicking animal muscular fibers at the micro level, using only natural and vegan ingredients, that can be engineered in flexible ways to resemble real animal meat, in cuts that are simply not achieved today. We can use a wider range of plant proteins than competition and our process is more efficient than current extrusion processes.

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Q: Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

In 5 years we aim to be selling our meat alternatives both to end consumers and to other companies that want to take these products to different markets. We want to make a dent on the trail to a more sustainable future, therefore we aim to be operating globaly, in every continent and all major consumer markets, saving tons of liters of water, thousands of acres of land and drastically increasing food supply chain efficiency.

Q: What has been your biggest setback so far?

We believe that Europe is still lagging behind other regions regarding the sophistication of the Venture Capital industry, which makes much more time-consuming and effortful to raise capital and slows down the plans of the company. It’s easy to raise “any type” of capital, but to raise with good long-term partners, global top-players in the VC world, that share the same vision and want to genuinely support the companies in the long-run is still quite scarce in countries like Spain and western Europe.

Q: What is the next big challenge for your business?

Our next big challenge will be to start producing our line of products at scale, in 2022, and making sure we communicate and engage with consumers in the best way to convey our vision and values effectively.

Q: How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We are starting to grow our company and we want to bring in people who are driven to make an impactful positive change. So if you would like to work on food science, food industry operations or in business functions to help build a mission-oriented company, talk to us!

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We are receiving also strong interest from industry players, that is, food companies that would like to expand or develop a plant-based line of products and would like to know more about our technology. We are available on the e-mail [email protected].

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