Mohammed SHK: We are a mobilized tech savvy news group that is well versed in navigating the social media landscape and that of trending stories


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With a wide range of topics from global events to entertainment, how does Bazaar Daily News ensure the accuracy and timeliness of its news coverage?

We have an investigative journalism team known as COMMON with members based in various cities.  We are a mobilized tech savvy news group that is well versed

In navigating the social media landscape and that of trending stories.  Our COMMON team has allowed us to investigate the stories that people actually care about and cover.  

What is the editorial process for selecting which stories to feature in the “Breaking News” section?

Breaking News stories are sourced from direct information.  We have columnists specifically dedicated to monitoring breaking news events both locally domestically and internationally.  

How does Bazaar Daily News’ reader support program work, and how does it contribute to the sustainability of the publication?

Corporate donations are strictly

Prohibited so our reader support program is how we power our newspaper.  Our readers have been extraordinarily generous over the years and we are grateful for that.  Supporters often donate and have the choice to be memorialized with their support. 

Could you provide insight into how Bazaar Daily News navigates the challenges of reporting on sensitive topics, such as the claims of sexual violence and harassment at Marsha’s House?

We do not identify victims directly out of respect for their recovery.  With this coverage, we approach it with a sensitive hand because it is sexual violence.  We generally assign this task to women as it is easier to compassionately connect with people that way.  We are also mindful that people are innocent until proven guilty but we take all claims of sexual violence seriously regardless of whom they are.  We do not nor have we ever given special treatment to the accused.  

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What strategies does Bazaar Daily News employ to stay ahead in the highly competitive online news space, particularly with trending stories and entertainment news?

We are very active on social media and people often connect with us this way. Social media is a very important part of our business because we purposely are not your traditional news agency.  

How do you balance providing a wide array of news, from local stories to international headlines, in your content strategy?

Each news department is managed by different regional team although I retain editorial control over it all.  This allows us to keep up with the news in various parts of the world all at the same time.

What are the key criteria for a piece of news to qualify as a “Top Headline” on your platform?

It must be featured on at least 3 major sources, contain all relevant information, and must pass editorial verification.

Can you describe the role of social media in your news dissemination and reader engagement strategy?

See above.  

How does Bazaar Daily News approach the creation of content for its special sections like “Bazaar New York” and “Metro London”?

Bazaar New York and Metro London are special editions created by our editorial department.  They are expansions of our newspaper within our newspaper delivering timely local content dedicated to readers of the area.  We choose this content based on local trends.  We can actually see local trends from our internal dashboard so that makes these editions much easier. 

We approach this also from a very local approach.  Our reporters are often on the ground; interviewing locals in coffee shops about their plights and grievances about life government and more.  These editions serve as giving our local readers an authentic voice that works for

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Them.  We will always stand with our readers.  

10. What methods does Bazaar Daily News use to verify the authenticity of trending stories before publication?

What I can disclose about this is that verification includes a ten-step process with sources expected to provide verifiable documentation.  Information that we have to investigate is thoroughly looked at and judged not by the claim but by the person telling it.

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