Sandy Plashkes: I’m Willing To Get My Hands Dirty and Work With My Team To Hit Our Goals

Sandy Plashkes

Sandy Plashkes of OwnersBox.

Tell us about yourself?

Entrepreneur with a passion for changing the way sports, technology, and fans interact. As the Co-Founder of OwnersBox, my vision is to create a gaming & content platform that provides entertainment and value to millions of sports fans. Born in Toronto, Canada & grew up in the United States. I’m currently living in Toronto building OwnersBox!

What do you think is the single biggest misconception people have when it comes to startups?

The biggest misconception when it comes to startups is that you need to hurry. Not everything needs to be rushed, that’s how big mistakes are made along the way. It’s important to be able to analyze and iterate effectively but you cannot rush the process of building a business from the ground up.

If you could go back in time to any moment from your journey, and give yourself one tip, what would it be?

The biggest tip that I would give to myself is that you should never be afraid of being told “no”. Whether you’re talking about fundraising or working the kinks out on a new idea, don’t hesitate and go get it.

What makes you stand out as an entrepreneur?

I’m willing to get my hands dirty and work with my team to hit our goals. One of the unique ways I run OwnersBox is how I empower my co-workers to bring new ideas to the table and test different strategies. I strive to create a workplace founded on energy and passion.

What are some of the best working habits you’ve gained over the past couple of years?

Ability to block of my time. Whether it”s emails, design tasks, content meetings, etc. I always try to plan my day in advance in order to maximize output. This has helped me get through the longest of days.

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Give us a bit of an insight into the influences behind the company?

Our company purpose is to energize fans by unlocking the power of sports and unifying sports fans through community and competition. Our team has decades of experience in the Sports Gaming space and have always had a deep passion for the industry. Since day 1, we have strived to create a premier destination for sports gaming and content.

Where do you see your business in five years?

I see OwnersBox as category leader in the fantasy sports/sports gaming space. We will build on our initial success of our flagship products and continue to build out our suite of offerings.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be for you in getting there?

The biggest challenge in our journey is going to be how we continue to keep our customers engaged beyond the

Talk to us about your biggest success story so far?

Securing Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback Drew Brees as an investor in our Seed Round. I played quarterback for 15 years and football has always been one of my biggest passions. I was introduced to Drew through my high school football coach and he was excited about the opportunity to be a part of what we are building at OwnersBox.

How do clients and customers find you? Are you much of a salesperson for yourself?

One thing I think our customers would say about us is that we are a transparent brand. We want to create an inclusive community of millions of fantasy sports players and fans.

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What one tip would you give to fellow startup founders?

Always take it one day at a time. One of the most important things I’ve learned over the last three years is that you will have some great days and some bad ones. You have to come into work every day ready to lead your team and create an environment where the whole team is working towards the same goals.

And finally, what do you hope the future brings both you personally, and your business?

In my future I hope to be an experienced founder who has built and lead multiple high growth companies. I see myself involved in the gaming space for years to come. OwnersBox is my baby and I believe we will become one of the top sports gaming companies in the space.

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