Derk Van Der Have: Brenger Makes Bulky Goods Delivery Easy and Affordable by Connecting Transports to the Routes of Professional Couriers


Brenger makes bulky goods delivery easy and affordable by connecting transports to the routes of professional couriers. Our goal is to optimise the loading capacity of every van on the road. By doing this, everyone wins. Affordable and easy C2C and B2C transports, couriers earn on average 35% more and we make significant CO2 reduction.

Q: Tell us about yourself?

My name is Derk van der Have, co-founder & CEO of Brenger. While graduating in International Relations in 2016, I was doing an internship at Heineken Global. Someday I got a call of my friend from Groningen, Wisse, who I got to know in Groningen where we studied, that his mother in law forgot her phone 2 hours from where she lived. She asked Wisse if he could get it, he could not make it. So started looking for a service where you could ask someone who’s driving that route anyway, to take it with them. He couldn’t find such as service, so he called me to check out this possibility.

Q: What is the inspiration behind your business?

We quickly found out that this idea was best for bulky items, like a sofa, where people usually would rent a van or trailer do transport this. While at the other side, courier companies drive around 90% of the time with (partially) unused loading capacity. Both of us didn’t know how to make it, but we believed this is a huge inefficiency we could solve that has big environmental impact. That’s how it started: we started building a platform that connects those transports to the routes of professional couriers.

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Q: What is your magic sauce?

Our goal is to optimize the capacity of the vans of the courier companies, so everbody wins. Easy and affordable C2C and B2C bulky goods transport, couriers earn more (35% on average) and significant CO2 impact.

We do this by offering guaranteed service to the service who book with us. Our technology is focused on creating optimal combinations, so we utilize transport space maximally.

Q: Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

We want to become the global sustainable standard for bulky goods delivery. Currently, in many countries, its time-consuming and/or expensive to ship large products C2C or B2C for SMEs. Our services makes shopping second hand large items as easy as e-commerce. After using our service, our customers buy 80% second hand bulky items. This market will grow exponentially the coming years.

Q: What has been your biggest setback so far?

Our biggest setback has been the long process it took to rebuild our platform to an API-first code that is easy to integrate with all our different partners. It took 14 months instead of the expected 6 months. This caused operational and financial stress.

Q: What is the next big challenge for your business?

We’re currently expanding our services to several other European countries. It has many similarities to when we founded our business in the home market. Exciting times.

Q: How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We’re very interested in working together and learning of other parties affiliated to our service. If you’re a courier company interested to talk or classifieds platform who wants to offer bulky goods delivery. Let me know and send me message via Linkedin or to [email protected].

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